I’ve been promoted!

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Something very surprising happened today: I got three characters back in my bio! I’m not sure what to do with them: suggestions welcome!

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I’ve been walking around in a bit of a daze for the past few weeks since I found out that Amazon was promoting me to Distinguished Engineer. There are only 16 others in all of Amazon: including James Gosling, James Hamilton, and Tim Bray. Talk about impostor syndrome!

Some (not really) interesting facts: I’m now Amazon’s newest DE as well as the DE with the longest Amazon tenure. I’m also the first DE to have been promoted from SDE2. I’m definitely not the youngest, though, right @_msw_?

Finally, a few weeks ago, Amazon’s first Distinguished Engineer, @PeterVosshall, retired. I’ve counted him as a friend for the past 20+ years, so it was especially bittersweet to find out that his last week at Amazon was my first week as Amazon’s newest DE. I miss you!

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