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Why it’s so hard to externalize stuff

7 minute read

I’ve been chatting with somebody about helping them externalize software they built for an internal application, and it reminded me of a gnarly problem I fac...

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Ground-breaking computer games

5 minute read

Now that many are talking about the ZX Spectrum due to the passing of Clive Sinclair. It would be remiss of me to add that Mike Singleton’s “The Lords of Mid...

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Does education boost IQ?

3 minute read

Why school is so important, distilled: Each year of schooling increases IQ by 1-5 points, and these effects persist for a lifetime. This meta-analysis conclu...

Phillip Robinson Certain, 1943 - 2020

4 minute read

Note that normally these blog posts are simply the concatenation of a tweet thread. In this case, it’s the transcript of a video reflection I made about my f...

Pecan Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie

4 minute read

On to pies! While the request was for pecan, I’m also going to talk about chocolate chess pie, which I love even more than pecan!


3 minute read

Can I give you a cornbread recipe? For sure? Can I do it without writing a twitter thread about my cornbread journey? Well, I could, but… If you want to cut ...

Women Who Inspired Me

1 minute read

Happy International Hey Guy, Maybe Talk About A Woman Who Inspired You That Isn't Your Wife, Mother, or Daughter— Mx Ann Dry (@anngav) March 8, 202...

What’s Really Holding Women Back

3 minute read

My promotion to VP/DE became official on March, 1. Coincidentally, on that day, I also ran across this article, which really resonated with me. I’m going to ...

I’ve been promoted!

less than 1 minute read

Something very surprising happened today: I got three characters back in my bio! I’m not sure what to do with them: suggestions welcome!

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What does P-four-nines (p99.99) mean?

6 minute read

Was in a conversation about some service refactoring and the guy said “mean latency was a bit worse, but our P-four-nines was rock-solid and only twice th...

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