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Pecan Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie

4 minute read

On to pies! While the request was for pecan, I’m also going to talk about chocolate chess pie, which I love even more than pecan!


3 minute read

Can I give you a cornbread recipe? For sure? Can I do it without writing a twitter thread about my cornbread journey? Well, I could, but… If you want to cut ...

Women Who Inspired Me

1 minute read

Happy International Hey Guy, Maybe Talk About A Woman Who Inspired You That Isn't Your Wife, Mother, or Daughter— Mx Ann Dry (@anngav) March 8, 202...

What’s Really Holding Women Back

3 minute read

My promotion to VP/DE became official on March, 1. Coincidentally, on that day, I also ran across this article, which really resonated with me. I’m going to ...

I’ve been promoted!

less than 1 minute read

Something very surprising happened today: I got three characters back in my bio! I’m not sure what to do with them: suggestions welcome!